How we make our coffee


For the purists. Our house blend espresso coffee, ground, tamped, extracted to precise standards... and nothing else. Sweet, balanced and full of flavour.


Velvety smooth, textured and steamed milk over our house blend espresso - with or without a dusting of chocolate as you like.


Silky steamed milk, lightly stretched, poured over our house blend espresso.


A double espresso on top of hot water - enjoy the full flavour of our house blend.

Flat White

Full of flavour - our house blend cuts through in rich sweet milk.


Our bespoke hot chocolate combined with our house blend espresso and combined in velvety smooth steamed milk - a perfect pair!

How we are

Serious About Coffee

Ethically Sourced

We have long-term sustainable relationships directly with farms and cooperatives in origin countries and also through our import partners, ensuring that each coffee we use has full traceability, meets our strict quality specifications, and has been sourced and imported ethically.


Our house blend is made up exclusively of coffees within the highest 5% as graded on the Specialty Coffee Association scale. Using our own bespoke blend of coffees from the south of Brazil and the north-west of Colombia, we’ve designed our house blend to be the perfect compliment to our handmade food and freshly baked muffins.


Our house blend is small batch roasted in traditional drum roasters, using the best of traditional machinery and modern technology to ensure a consistent roast each batch.


We run our own training programs in line with Specialty Coffee Association guidelines and with oversight from SCA trainers and judges, ensuring our quality standards are as high as the quality of our coffee.


We do all this so that every cup of coffee puts a big smile on someone's face.

Brewing Fresh Coffee

How take out

Our commitment to sustainability”


We’re committed to working to reduce the impact of our packaging on the environment, with all our hot drinks cups and lids being recyclable. Please check our packaging for how best to recycle in store and at home.


We have also partnered with rCUP, the world's first reusable coffee cup made from used paper cups. Click here to find our more about rCUP and its amazing story and benefits.


When you buy an rCUP from us, we give you your first coffee FREE. And when you bring your rCUP or any refillable cup back to be reused, we give you DOUBLE loyalty points.